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The Reason Why Employee Become Sick Due To Lack of Appreciation

The place of work is where many people spend their time most.Accordingly, it is vital that all employees need to feel valued and appreciated in what they are doing.However, the survey taken suggests that a great number of employees never receive the recognition in any way even though they work hard.

The working place for the employee should be healthier and pleasant. You will be able to realize the productivity going up if the working place is pleasant. The employees lose the working morale due to lack of recognition, and this affects many of them and eventually become sick.

The staff who do their work seated for long hours may realize their body having problems due to the sitting posture. Slouching, however, may result because the employee has feelings of underappreciated. However, from the employee’s physical reflection you can learn their inner thoughts.Thus, the best thing to do to these employees is to ensure taking a moment to make their day bright. Thus, the morale of employees may improve greatly and their overall workplace view.

Exercise is very important to human being, but many employees never get time to experience it in their day to day. However, after having many works to be done they end up becoming inactive again more weight. The unappreciated feeling can make the employee seat in one place and avoid moving anywhere.However, apart from having lunch with the colleagues, they may decide instead to stay at their desk. It is realized that many people having stress eat more often. Thus, instead of eating healthy meals, many employees due to stress eat snack and thus gain more weight.

Overworking may be realized from any person who desires to stand out for his own job after feeling unappreciated. The overworking can appear productive and very beneficial though it is quite harmful. The overworking can bring more stress to the employee feeling unappreciated forcing workaholic employees and forgetting to care for their health and pushing on to finish the work.

It is important therefore as an employer to ensure appreciation of employees now and them to retain their working morale and increase the productivity.The appraisal can work better for the employee because the awarding will force those who under-work to put more effort to receive the award next time.Moreover, the employee ought to work hard to show their hardworking to their bosses and thus please them to award them. Better services toward the customer will be experienced from the employees after being appreciated from the better job done, and this will make customers come back again.

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